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RC: Fwd: RC: Stallion behavior whipping and Sporthorse classes

>Indeed - and yet many show people will tell you that unless you are part of 
>the solution you must be part of the problem. what could be further form the 
>truth! The reasons sited ehre are why we do not attend rated shows anymore. 
>The ATTITUDE at all levels that ALLOWs and REWARDS this kidn of 'training'
>something we choose not to be associated with. So - how to make a
>Have enough $$ to pay MORe to trainers who DON'T abuse. Kind of puts the
>back on the owners too doesn't it? well if trainers weren't being paid well 
>to produce the 30 day Wonder Horse by whatever means, they wouldn't
>the show ring.

	There is another alternative. Take your own well mannered, clean and
groomed horse into the class yourself. If  the judeges were presented with
a handful of "pros" with quivering greased up nervous wrecks, and a dozen
clean, happy, well conformed horses, they might  just pin the best horse.
Remember, they can only judge what's presented to them.
	It might not be worth the bother if you're not already at the show, but
anyone who is there for the sporthorse classes might go to the minor effort.
If not for the judges, how about for the people in the stands?

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