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RC: john lyons

I remember years ago a friend attended a Ray Hunt clinic...she told me afterwards that she wasn't impressed--another friend who went told me he got an "impossible to load"horse to load in a trailer in a matter of minutes but it was useless because the next day he wouldn't load for his owners.  If I would have simply taken their word for it, I would have never  experienced the invaluable wisdom and teachings of Ray Hunt .
      Same with Pat Parrelli.  When I first saw him my first impression was an ego maniac who just wanted to make a lot of money...In fact he probably is an ego maniac but after reading all his books, watching all his tapes and attending several clinic I've picked up some wonderful insights and training techniques.
     The first John Lyons video I watched I was completely unimpressed...seemed he was simply running the colt around to round pen to the point of exhaustion, at which point of course the colt would try to cooperate.  But again...I refrained from passing judgement until I experienced the whole picture. I watched all his tapes, read all his books and attending his three day clinic...Again - I found there is a wealth of valuable information and insights to be learned from him---so much more than simply how a horse might think.
     Same with Linda Tellington Jones--I thought she was way out there in GA GA land--but I opened my mind,immersed myself in her teachings and learned sooo much.
     I don't agree with everything anyone person believes or teaches..however there's generally something valuable to be learned from all of them.  We shouldn't pass judgement until we've made a sincere effort to see and experience as  much of the whole picture as possible.

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