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RC: Re: Uphill and Down.. in simple terms writes:

>  > > > he'll be sore in the front end some where
>  > > > from braking his mass with the front end.

> I must have missed Barb's post, but this really isn't what we see clinically.
>  Instead, we see horses that are sore in the hind legs--semimembranosus and
> semitendinosus--and in the loins.  Just as a horse stops best in an arena by
> dropping his rear, driving his hind feet up underneath himself, and shifting
> his weight to his hind legs, so likewise he brakes with the rear going
> downhill.  Even in a flat arena, horses that brake with their front legs are
> awkward and uncoordinated--any tendency to brake in the front is even more
> awkward going downhill.
> Heidi

Hello Heidi and others,

sorry, but if a horse going downhill and after that the horse is sore in
the hindleg, isn't that way of going downhill the right one? Or
shouldn't this horse better use more "braking-power" from his frontlegs?
If there is no damage in the front, but in the back, why not
distributing the force more equal?
Or am I completely on the wrong run here?

Wolfgang + Ninja 11

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