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RC: Re: Stallion behavior

In a message dated 1/17/00 8:37:34 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Pat Super wrote:
 >I remember vividly the horror stories I have heard from experienced "old 
 >cowboys" of the viciousness of the attacks that stallions are capable of. 
 >I have heard them tell that a stallion can be extremely unpredictable >>

Actually, stallions are extremely predictable, for the most part--if you are 
observant enough to know what to predict!  If one gets to know an individual 
stallion, one pretty much knows if he is a rogue or a gentleman, and if he is 
a rogue, you pretty well get to know what his battle preferences are.  There 
is a simple solution for the true rogues--castration!!  But if one is 
experienced with stallions, one can pretty well tell what the horse is going 
to do by the body language.  And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know 
that if you let nature take its course without your becoming the 
psychological alpha horse, the stallion will flirt, tease, squeal, strike, 
and do all those things that stallions do at liberty.

As for the "old cowboys" (or should I call them wannabe cowboys, because the 
good ones knew better)--those that subscribed to the "whip 'em every morning" 
philosophy often had embittered stallions just waiting for an opportunity, 
and it is no wonder that the stallions attacked if the so-called cowboys let 
their guard down for an instant.  In many such cases, the injuries to the 
people are deserved.

Just a note--but have you ever noticed how peaceful a herd is when there is a 
REALLY good alpha mare in charge?  There is virtually NO physical discipline 
necessary at all, because each horse knows their place and what is expected 
of them.  That should be the goal of the alpha person as well.


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