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Thursday afternoon we watched a young girl walk by the house
carrying a backpack and leading a pony carrying more gear.
My 8 month Springer puppy ran out to greet her and my Arab
gelding followed them along his fence as they whinnied back
and forth.

Having once camped out in minus 13 degree weather, I
did not envy her what was obviously a winter camping trip.
(It got to minus 25 F here Thursday night!)

Today we learned that she is 17 and had owned the pony for
seven years. The pony broke loose after dark and she couldn't find
him. About 11 P.M. he was killed about five miles back the way they
came on this rural road. The driver never stopped to report it.

The poor kid is a college student and did not even have a place
to bury her pony.  Apparently someone came and helped her
before we could.

John and Meshack (Vermont Equestrian Activities) 
Secretary/Treasurer Vermont Arabian Horse Association

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