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Re: RC: Junior sponsorship

In a message dated 07/19/2000 6:59:42 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< Do we just show up at the ride? Do we arrange something ahead of time? If 
so how and with whom? >>

Post Script:

You can just show up at the ride, but it's a little risky.  Better yet, call 
the ride manager and ask for a list of entered riders who are coming from 
your area.  Then call some of those folks and ask if one would be willing to 
sponsor your sister.  Be forewarned that sponsoring a junior rider is a 
responsibility that not everyone wants to accept.  I should think the ride 
manager could be of some help finding a sponsor or steering you in the right 
direction.  Good luck.

Barbara McCrary
West region director

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