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uh-oh, insulted farrier

Well, I accidentally made my farrier mad at me.  Two horses each lost a left
rear shoe within a day of each other.  The shoes had been on 4 weeks, and I
have never had a horse throw a shoe.  I asked my farrier if it's possible
the shoes were not clinched tight or something (he has an intern that did
the clinching) and apparently I have truly insulted the man.  I apologized
when he came to re-do my mare's front shoe (she threw that one a couple days
later), but he's really mad.  He wouldn't accept payment for shoeing - I was
going to buy him lunch as well.  How does one fix this sort of mess??  Or is
this the sign to get a new farrier?? I sent him a note and the check, and
asked that he at least let the intern keep the $$ if he did not care to. :-(

m (aka Michelle Rowe), CO
p.s. I'm finally using my married name of Fink. :-)

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