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Re:Separation anxiety--training prooblem

sommething that has worked well for me is to ask the horse do do
something else. I have assked for circles, as someonnne else suggested.
I have also asssskked for backing upp, as another person suggested.
Aanother thing I ask my horse to do is "zig-zags", which is a version of
serpentines that can be done on a narrow trail. I ask the horse to move
left, then right, and repeat the movements until I feel him relax a
little and begin listening. On any given ride, I mix up the requests I
make of him. The idea is to keep his mind busy and keep his body moving
in a direction I have requested. One thing that really helps, as well,
is to practice all of these movements at home, first, so that he begins
developing a habit of doing them, and on the trail you are not asking
him for something strange and new. If he is comfortable with these
movements at home, then it will make doing them on the trail a calmer
and more soothing experience, asking for something familiar. Timing is
important, too. Ask him just about the time you think he's beginning to
get anxious, just before he begins his "rebellion."
This may mean you leave home doing spirals on the trail, or zig-zaging
right and left. Make a game of asking for lots of different movements
from him. Each ride it should get easier. Give him a lot to think about
to keep his mind off the fact that he is leaving his "buddy" behind.
I hope this helps.
Lucie H and Trinity(I've finally learned to listen to Mom)

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