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Re: RC: Re: we need your help

In a message dated 5/19/00 8:05:02 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< Patti,
 I have a big problem with international endurance riding.  I wouldn't say I
 want to "squash" AERC International, but as long as FEI finds IV fluid
 replacement during and after a ride to be acceptable then I can't support
 rides under their authority.
 SusanB >>

Actually, I'd say the FEI vets are if anything, even tougher than the AERC 
vets, and DON'T tolerate even minor metabolic problems.  I'm not sure where 
you came up with the above, as every FEI ride which I've had the privilege to 
attend has been VERY firmly vetted with NO tolerance for any sort of 
"treatment" during the ride.  Yes, I've heard a few individuals suggest that 
such things "should" be allowed--but they do not represent either FEI or the 
veterinary profession, and I highly doubt that either the FEI or the vets 
would tolerate such nonsense.


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