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World best timekeeper

<Every ride we go to up here in the NW, we miss Nancy - she really is the
<world's best timer.  She's always nice to everyone, well organized, doesn't
<mind telling you what place you're in.  I wish we could fly her up here to
<teach these folks how to really do it right!
<David LeBlanc

Sorry guys gotta differ here! :-)
My Dad is the worlds best timekeeper..OK so its his computer, but he wrote
the program, now standard at all our rides timekeeping can be done by two
people. You get your timecard at each vet check and it tells you your ride
time so far, the time to see the vet, your average speed and your departure
time. The timekeepers can see who needs to leave at what time (we have
staggered starts), who is still out in each distance and there is even a
countdown to set of the next batch of riders.  At the end of the day it
prints out a complete results list in 30min after the last rider is in, in
order oc shild, junior, adult and all the weights it gives you each riders
speed and even gives you a list of BC eligable riders (for final cheching by
the vet.

Celeste (South Africa)
Shadixx + Mawlud + Snowy

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