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Re: RC: need help

In a message dated 5/18/00 3:07:49 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< Mercedes Tapia
 I am from Argentina, here the Endurance is a little new, I am a professional 
trainer for an Arab breeder, and I am not shure for the way you do this type 
of arrangement in the USA, like honorarium per horse or per month, pourses of 
the competitios, sell comissions, etc.
 I will apreciate if any one can help me in this way because I really love my 
work and I want to do it properly.
 Thank you for listen.

Generally, if you are training professionally, you charge a per diem, say $40 
per day, to cover care, feeding and training, with vet and shoeing and 
transportation extra. Then you'd also expect to get a commission on sales 
prices or purses the horse earns--5-10%. 

However, the really smart thing to do in endurance-for-profit is to build a 
horse that can't be beat and sell him for serious money. Day money borders on 
starvation wages. 


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