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RE: Mohair girth

<< Where can I get a dressage length, english buckle mohair girth?  To get
the length, do I measure from the base of the buckles where it's stitched
to the girth, or to the spot where it buckles?

The girth I'm using is 24 1/2" to the base of the buckles, 281/2" to the
tops of the buckles.  >>

If you get a private answer to these questions can you let me know?  I have
a Synergist saddle that came with a english style string girth.  It's 24"
end to end of buckles.  I like it because it doesn't slip or hold in heat
like the woolback I'm using now seems to.  But my mare is very sensitive and
hates the size of the buckles poking at her.  So if you come up with a
similar girth that has "nicer" buckles, I'd sure like to know about it.  My
mare also likes the stretchy buckles on the woolback and I've never seen
those on a string girth.

I believe Synergist sells this girth with a leather back to the buckles, but
I'm not sure if it will work for my horse.  In any case they may be able to
set you up.


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