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Aussie saddle for sale

I have a Down Under Saddle out of Denver, CO., for
sale.  It is new, the Kimberly Campdraft version.  It
is brown and black, a 15 inch seat and solid brass
stirrups. It's hornless.  It does not fit my horse. 
It has been ridden in twice.  I will sell the saddle
plus the aussie saddle pad plus the upgraded Neoprene
girth, all for $650.00.  You can view the exact same
saddle if you do a search for Stevens Hobby Farm and
then look at the Kimberly Series and then find the
Kimberly Campdraft model.  It is pretty sharp, has a
brass name plate of the company on the cantle. Very
well made. Wish it fit my horse, it fits me. It is a
regular tree and would fit a normal to slim horse very
well.  If interested, contact me at  Thanks!   

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