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=?iso-8859-1?Q?New shoes =3D swollen hock??=

Patty Jackson
I took my limited distance mare to my vet recently
because she has been traveling crooked for a while now.
She also fell and injured herself at a ride in April.  My
vet pointed out that part of the problem is that her hooves
are a little out of balance.  My vet arranged for my horse
to see a farrier who could make the corrections, and sure 
enough, even after one shoeing her feet are tracking noticeably
straighter.  The new shoes were put on 8 days after the ride.
The injury was a bruise on the front leg which has healed.
7 days after receiving new shoes, (and I have only been riding
lightly in the arena since she fell), both hocks swelled.
I immediately went back to my vet when I discovered the swelling.
She wasn't too concerned, said it is probably the new shoeing,
and said I can continue to ride.  I trust her immensely, but I
am still worried.  My horse really is traveling straighter, but
I wonder if this is going against what her body wants to do, or
if there is just going to be an adjustment period.

I was reassured that my horse and I will be doing 50's soon.
I am extremely worried, however, since my horse seems to be sore,
though not lame.  Is this to be expected after corrective

Patty J

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