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Don't forget folks - today is teh day we need to defend our rights to keep 
our horses AND to keep our property value. Remember, a small clique of 
homeowners in the canyons are attempting to wrest from us the right to not 
only house our own horses but also to sell our homes at some point in the 
future as we bought it - HORSE PROPERTY! If you have horses or goats or sheep 
or KIDS or just enjoy both the rural lifestyle here AND the right to do what 
you MOVED here for, don't miss this meeting at 4PM at the Las Virgenes Water 
District on Malibu Canyon Road in Calabasas. 

The attempt to re-zone would mean ultimate elimination of horses from our 
homes, barns, and the Santa Monicas as whole. Don't think it wouldn't happen, 
and don't take anything for granted anymore. Be there, bring your kids, and 
bring your comments about this travesty. These are OUR homes and OUR rights. 
Be there today!

p.s. to BOS - we know you are there to protect our rights - tiem to tell 
people to stop moving into places and tryign to change it!

    Check it Out!    

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