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vet experience

Whether one rides competitive or endurance, one can experience that one vet who may or may not like your horse!  It has happened to all of us in both endurance and competitive. Yes CTR can be a bit more nitpicking, but I have been on endurance rides where I have felt picked on too.  One just lives with it and does the best one can do!  The most amazing thing is that sometimes the vet who thinks he/she sees something wrong with your horse, really does see something wrong and it pops up later on down the road.  I just get a real attitude when folks pick on competitive vs endurance as they both have their good points and their bad points.  No matter what one rides, one is trail riding and putting miles on the horse.   I think it is great for folks to ride whatever they can and how many miles they can.  As for me at almost 60, I am just glad to be able to boogie on down trail and have fun while doing it!  Jeanie

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