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Re: RC: Re: ridecamp-d Digest V00 #768 (ever have that feeling...)

Bette Lamore wrote:

> Hi Deanna
> Welcome to the REAL world.

Life is not fair; build a bridge, get over it.

> Even vets and judges are real people and
> those have prejudices and attitudes sometimes. I got a lot of attitude
> from some Paso Robles people when we moved up there from Ventura because
> we were considered Los Angeles immigrants. After they got to know us,
> their attitudes changed--- not much chance for that in short duration
> activities. Sad, but true.

I stand by my original post. Even IF the vet and ride management had it "in
for" him/her, BFD!! As I said, it's ONLY distance riding. Not a death

Does anyone seriously think that the vet and RM actually thought "we're
going to make her day miserable"? I guess I'm smelling the roses, but I
don't think that people are THAT petty and small-minded, especially when
they're trying to attract riders to make running a ride worth their while.
What is wrong with scrutiny of a new horse/rider team? Newbies everywhere
have to prove themselves  even if they're oldbies somewhere else.

Gosh, I used to play rec league volleyball and whenever my team played
"away" or for a new ref, we knew we'd have to play harder. This is not a
concept unique to distance riding. It's true that some CTR's deduct more for
lameness than others. Some vet judges deduct more for lameness. And lots of
people just can't spot lameness.

I think this person is being overly paranoid. Repeat after me, it's only
distance riding. (It's something I find myself needing to repeat when I get
a little too serious about it.)

> And perhaps the "poster" does not wish to
> incur more attitude on future rides. The parties involved know who they
> are and may be able to look at the negative attitude honestly in
> privacy--- not strewn all over ridecamp for all to judge.

To that I say "grow a spine!" It's already strewn all over ridecamp. Oh no!
*I* might be jeopardizing my chances of being judged fairly by signing my
name to THIS post!

There is a big difference in signing one's name and naming/smearing names.
To our guest's credit, he/she did not name names. That's a good thing and to
be commended. Would he/she have described facial expressions and supposed
attitudes had he/she signed a name? I doubt it. Would the post have  less
value if we were missing the color commentary? I don't think so.

Deanna German (Ohio)

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