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Re: RE: Alsike Clover Scares

Wrong. My information comes from the equine toxicologist at Washington State
University, and it is a problem in the Pacific NW. Now whether there is a
difference between the wet side and the dry side, I don't know.

Duncan Fletcher

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> Karen Standefer
> When we had this scare on EN last year, I called my vet because the
pasture I had my horses in was very high in Alsike Clover (and the white
flowering clover as well).  You should check with your vet and/or county
extension agent before banning your horses un-needlessly.  In the PNW the
soil content and growing conditions are not such that the clover here is
toxic.  My vet said the county extension officer told her they have problems
in the midwest in particular, and possibly other places in the country.  My
horses graze the clover first and have never had issue.
> Anyway, before becoming alarmed, check with the authorities.
> Karen

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