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Re: RC: To Look or Not?

I was told nine years ago when I started riding Arabs that you HAVE to make 
them walk up to it, preferably have them walk over it.  I tried this with my 
spooky, independent mare and today she will go anywhere I point her, and only 
spooks in place a bit if its a REALLY scary item, or it jumps out at her 
(killer pheasants you know).  We had some real battles when I first got her, 
but after a while if something scared her, and I made her go near it, she 
would try to walk on it (even big stuff like rocks or furniture).  Now I'm 
riding her 6 yr old Anglo Arab daughter, who has never been real spooky.  She 
WANTS to go look at things.  She will walk right up and put her nose on it, 
then look for grass underneath it.  Today it was a green balloon, a couple of 
refrigerators, and a recliner.  I think she would be a lot more spooky if I 
didn't let her look, but she also is a very curious horse.  IMO the more 
stuff they look at, the less scares them.  jeri

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