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Fwd: RC: CHOKE???


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Stacey - I had a quarter horse that choked really badly - If I fed him his 
grain too soon after he came in from eating grass - he choked. I guess he had 
not completely swallowed the grass.  This horse would panic when he choked 
and would really be in distress exactly as you described.  The vet told me 
that if they choke often enough, scar tissue can form and cause it over and 
over again.  Also most importantly I had to watch his temperature in the days 
that followed to make sure he did not get pnemonia from the salivia going 
into his lungs.  And sure enough he did so he needed antibotics  after a few 
days.  Good thing we were on the look out for it.    In the days that 
followed he had to be fed only soupy grain so as not to irriate his throat  - 
and I mean soupy.  He did recover fine and I always have to wait a good half 
hour after he comes in from eating grass before he gets his grain.

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