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Re: RC: training advice (longish)

Great response Renee, this works too! I used to bring my
boy home and tie him for 20 min. Would sometimes pass the
house and go down to the neighbors and practise riding
through their muddy ditch for 20 min. (I really need to
start doing this again though, been getting lazy and been
coming home.)

--- wrote:
> First, I have to say this....if you are going to get some
> training on him, it 
> would probably be much more beneficial for you to get
> some lessons on him.  
> That way you guys are learning together.  And I think he
> probably has the 
> idea that "home means I'm done".....I think most horses
> perk up a bit when 
> they are headed home...but it is bad when you can't even
> get them to leave 
> the barn.  When you get him home, maybe you could take
> him out he 
> doesn't think that when he's home, he's done.  Or, park
> him in the shade and 
> leave him tied up for a while....
> Good luck
> -Renee
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