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RE: A name for the online database

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From:	Michael Maul []
Sent:	Thursday, April 06, 2000 10:21 PM
To:	ridecamp
Subject:	RC:  A name for the online database

Russ and I are just a programmer and engineer respectively.  So
when we do something like the online ride history etc. database -
we just call it something like 

The AERC on-line database

We thought it might be nicer to have a name that sounds better.

We are taking entries now for our contest to name the database.

If you would like to enter - you can post to RC but please
copy me as well at

The AERC office records program is named Sherlock - no idea why...

Unfortunately - we are sort of an engineering mentality in our winners
prize too.  Best we can offer is a note on the lead-in page that 
says database name provided by "Your_Name" and an announcement on
RC about it.

W/CT Regions

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