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Re: RC: The Posse Ride (From the Ride Manager)

At 08:48 PM 4/6/00 -0700, you wrote:
>Jeff Patterson
>Endurance Enthusiasts,

Having read this, I believe Endurance News did you a tremendous disservice,
and as a rider, I feel that the safety of everyone and every animal
involved is worth a lot more than any placing.

My wife Jennifer and I have just moved up to the NW region, and this is our
first full season up here.  She's commented many times that your ride is
one of the highest on her list to go and compete in.

I hope that this nonsense can be overcome and that the ride will continue.
One thought I'd leave you with is that the actions of the AERC board are
somewhat like the cop who writes everyone involved a ticket, expecting the
judge to sort it out, so perhaps you ought not take their ridiculous
assertion you need education as an insult, but that they are trying to
cover their own legal asses by blaming everyone involved.  Perhaps you
should ask them to give you lessons, and see what they come up with!  I
doubt they will have much beyond "always use 20-20 hindsight, and you'll
always know what you should have done"!  How you are expected to overcome
willful disregard for people's safety on the part of the riders is
something I can't fathom.

David LeBlanc

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