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little training issues

As long as we are on the subjects of head carriage and bitting, I thought I'd 
add my question to the tangle of information.  Alpine, being the little brat 
he is, has recently started grabbing the reins in his mouth while we are 
riding and chewing on them.  It usually occurs when he is upset with me about 
something (I'm not going fast enough to suit his speed wishes, or away from 
home and his buddies) or when he's tired.  He flips his lips around and grabs 
the left rein in his mouth.  I looked down one day and both reins were coming 
out of the same side of his mouth!!!!  Makes the bit pretty ineffective.

I have tried changing bits.  I normally ride him in a short shaked pelham to 
help elevate his head and make him gait.  However, I've done a lot of snaffle 
work with him.  We went through about six months of pretty heavy dressage 
training (yup....Paso's can trot too!!!).  He does this regardless of his 
bit, or lack thereof (he grabs the reins with a hackamore too!!!).

Any suggestions??????   I don't think it's a huge problem, just an annoying 
one I'd like to fix.  If I catch him, He gets the rein pulled out his mouth 
and a firm "NO!".  If he's real obnoxious, I'll get harder.  Any help would 
be appreciated!!

Juli and Alpine (mom, leather reins taste good!)

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