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Fw: sponge talk, water fights

This reminds me of summer evenings many, many years ago.     Some of the
hardest falls I ever took off a horse were because the horses learned to
duck the water from scoops (and mom's good long handled sauce pans)   We
could ride by the water tanks, scoop up and chase,   riot.   No saddles, no
helmets,  the kids with no horse squirted who ever they could reach with the
hose or filled pans when the tanks were guarded.    Good old days,  lots of
fun,  nobody ever got hurt more than a bruise or two.   Made good reining
horses playing tag too.

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From: Jean Miller <>
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Date: Tuesday, April 04, 2000 4:50 PM
Subject: RC: sponge talk

>All this sponge talk reminds me of the real reason for sponges.  Water
>fights!!  Even the horses enjoy them!  Scoops do well in water fights and
>definately gives one an advantage!  Happy trails!  Jeanie
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