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Re: RC: stocking up

In a message dated 4/6/00 1:42:27 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< Hi,
 Can you tell me how much I should worry about my mare stocking up very
 slightly in her hind legs?  We just got started conditioning and I've
 noticed this before riding each day, but it goes away during the ride.
 She's kept in a pasture, not stalled, which is why it is probably slight.
 It's not enough to be visible, but I can feel it.
 Will this go away as she gets in better shape (she's been in good condition
 before, but we've just started after a 1.5 year layoff)?  Is this something
 that will hurt at pre-ride vet checks?  Should I be doing anything about it?
 Thanks for info,
 Marlene >>

This is probably due to a lack of vascular elasticity--leaky valves. What we 
do with raehorses is cut bak the daily mileage for a couple of weeks, then 
sneak back up through the old barrier. This will eventually not be a problem, 
but you don't want to get filling that is so constant that the tissues 
stretch and you end up with longterm boggy-looking ankles.


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