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Re: Skeered

I've got to add my two cents' worth to the Skeered stories---several years
ago I was thrown sky-high and came down HARD on dirt as hard as
concrete---oh, my did it HURT!!   When I got my breath back, I got back on
and rode her some more.   (Not too long as PAIN was setting in.)   However,
that did not scare me.   A few weeks later, in a round pen, with soft sand,
with me in a very ill-fitting saddle, I got on a green horse---with trainer
right there in the pen--the horse bolted (no more than 10 feet) - I fell
off---did not hurt ANYTHING---but for some reason that SCARED ME!!   I have
since been scared to get on a "green" horse and start hyperventilating at
the very thought.   That, mixed with my "no-give" hip joints that go into a
cramp the first few moments on a horse, has been very detrimental to my

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