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N.J. Parelli Level 1course in October?


I'm trying to organize a Parelli Level 1 course with David Lichman in New 
Jersey for sometime in October. I am sending out feelers to as many places 
that I can think of to see what kind of a response I'll get. I'm hoping that 
we can have the clinic at the New Jersey horsepark, in Allentown N.J. which 
is right off hwy 195 in mid Jersey. If is doesn't turn out to be at the 
horsepark it will be very close because there is an extremely large horse 
community in that area, and NO shortage of arenas. Any ideas welcomed and 

If all of you could all please forward this post to the other horse lists you 
are on that would be great.

Any interested parties please respond to Peggy McCreery

Peggy M.
Yardley, Pa.

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