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Re: RC: I see how all y'all get your broken bones!!!

Exactly right, all the serious accidents happen at home when you are doing
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From: John Proudman GGPL B-262 <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, April 04, 2000 2:35 PM
Subject: RC: RC: I see how all y'all get your broken bones!!!

> >Not to mention, this is heavy grouse country and have you ever had one of
> >blast out from under your horse's nose.  That's a heart stopper.
> Had a Great Blue Heron take off from a riverbank 10 feet away (sounds
> like a helicopter!); came around a blind curve on a trail to have a
> Canada goose rise off it's nest, spread it's wings, and hiss at us.  No
> problem...a lot to be said for a bomb-proof horse.  Broke 5 ribs and a
> collar bone, punctured a lung, from having a horse trip and fall while
> riding quietly through my own pasture.  Go figger!
> John
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