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Stifle Injury

Boy, I tell you! I've had more darn horses hurt their stifles!!!!!  This
time one of my mares nailed the other one with a direct, almost frontal kick
to the stifle, dead center on the joint. Doesn't appear to be real bad.
Looked bad at first because of a hematoma, ( I assume a hematoma from the
very liquid feel to the filling). This happened last Thurs PM while I slept
the sleep of the unknowing. I've buted her, 1 tab, 2X day thru Sun PM,
rubbed down the leg with Sore-No-More, arnica type liniment. Continued with
regular turnout schedual. Hematoma already greatly reduced. I went to a ride
(on other mean %*^&#* mare) for the weekend so now I'm home, assessing the
situation. No problem with bending the leg in all directions, very moderate
tenderness only while bending, none to palpations. Only slightly stiff
looking while moving around.  I'm continueing with MSM and liniment rubs,
may switch to DMSO. I haven't had the local vets out as frankly I haven't
any confidence in them when it comes to leg problems. Is there anything I
may be overlooking that would warrent a trip to a decent clinic (not to
mention the $). Could there be a fracture or joint capsule injury? Would any
injection be of help. I don't want to cause a worse problem by treating this
too lightly. Frankly, she really doesn't seem more than just sore at this
point, but I've been wrong before. Anyone on Ridecamp have a horse suffer a
hard blow to the stifle like this? What came of it? 

Bonnie Snodgrass

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