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Re: RC: Trailer weight

Be careful, my old rig burned out two transmissions, the culpert the 
'cataletic converter' (Chevy) and we never even came close to the maximum 
weight allowance
and in Florida the roads are pretty flat for the most part.


In a message dated 04/04/2000 8:11:55 AM EST, writes:

<< Anybody had their truck drop to 15 mph over a 7% grade when they were 
 within their rated weight.
 I just got my new trailer.  It was supposed to weigh 5200#, but actually
 weighs in at over 6100#.  I've got an old (1989) Ford F-250 with a
 heavy-duty towing package that is rated to tow 18,500 GCVW.  The truck and
 trailer (empty) together weigh 11, 800.  I've had the truck checked out and
 we can't find anything wrong with it.  I'm not in a normally high elevation
 (3-4000').  I know Teddy recommends a Freightliner, but the truck is old
 because it took me so long to get trailer money together.
  Any ideas? >>

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