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I did that, too!  A friend asked me to take his young horse on it's first
25.  Before the halfway check, we stopped at a big puddle. Let the mare get
a drink and then, without thinking, whupped out my sponge on a string, and
yo-yo style, threw it down to the water.  She still had her nose down in
the water and when that sponge SLAPPED the water next to her face, she went
straight up in the air.  Of course, I had about 10 ft each of reins and
sponge string to reel in.  Couldn't do it.  She took off bucking thru the
trees.  I went off the right rear end.  She kicked me in the thigh before I
even hit the ground, and when I landed, stepped on my foot.  I spent the
vet check with my foot (shoe still on) in a bucket of ice water.  Afraid I
wouldn't get the shoe back on once it started swelling.  We finished, I was
lame.  Still have the lump on my foot to remind me to TRAIN horses for that

Sally in IA
> From: Jean Miller <>
> To: ridecamp <>
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> Date: April 03, 2000 11:38 AM
> Try dropping a sponge on a string in a creek from your horse for the
> time!  Mine took one look at that strange thing that suddenly appeared by
> his face and took off thru the trees!  I had a junior with me on a
> ride, her face had a look of astonishment, and when I got Bay stopped, I
> said, 'don't tell your mother about this or she will never let you ride
> me again!'  Jeanie in MI
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