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Re: Hip Infection

Hi Julienne,  The fact that you will be aquiring a horse with an already
established problem is one point.  The fact that it is an Impresive bred
possibly HYPP positive and could fall over dead is quite another.  The mare
has 2 strikes against her "big time".  Do you have long term plans for this
mare and can you handle the fact that at some time in the not too distant
future she could die suddenly or need to be put down because of her movement
problems.  Just being realistic and I know a bit harsh, but,
it is something to think about.  Sorry to be such a downer, but, I have seen
people do the same thing that you are about to do and have their hearts
broken in the end.  Unfortunately it was a young girl and her first horse at
the time.  Please give this some long and serious thought.   gesa n clovis n
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From: Julienne Rha <>
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Date: Monday, April 03, 2000 12:48 PM
Subject: RC: Hip Infection

>Hi everyone, I was wondering what people's experience with the following
>of horse has been:
>By boyfriend, who is an advanced beginner, is considering leasing a horse
>found.  She is a well trained, exceptionally quiet 5 year old QH mare.  She
>very well bred, out of Impressive.. excellent conformation..  and Bob has
>ridden her and really liked her..  but there's a catch.  When she was born,
>had a hip infection in her left hip which has left her muscles shortened in
>that side.  When she walks there is an audible 'click' sometimes and she is
>'normal' at the trot and canter, though she does the gaits very willingly
>does not show any signs of discomfort.  Her current owner is very
>she trained her at 2, left her out for 2 years, then gradually started
>her again using Natural Horsemanship techniques.  She says she's never seen
>try to avoid work (any more than another horse), and she takes her out for
>1/2 hour trail rides with no problem.  The horse is housed in an 80 acre
>pasture, and has been observed walk/trot/cantering by her own free will.
>do you think?  This may be a possible lease to own situation..  my gut
>is that eventually, I don't know how soon, she will develop arthritis in
>hip and not be rideable.. but if she's had it since she was born, could her
>body adapt to it and still be rideable?  Normally I probably wouldn't even
>consider a horse like this, however, the horse is dead quiet, and very
>- just the kind of horse Bob needs, and the type my own greenish horse
>out on the trail.
>& her Harleyman (a possible trailbuddy, woohoo!)
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