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Re: RC: minimum/maximum mileage

In a message dated 4/1/00 9:07:42 PM Pacific Standard Time, 

<< Here's his basic formula and rules of thumb.
 Ride at the speed you will compete.>

On "pace days". On other days, go slower and longer. On other days go shorter 
and faster.
 Try to ride the end of the trail in advance so
 then when you are there on race day you're horse
 will know you are at the end and want to "go

No opinion.

> Ride 64% of the distance you are going to compete
 in each week. So if you are doing 50's, he says
 you should ride something like 33 to 35 miles a
 week. Doesn't matter if it's split into 2 or 3
 rides at various distances to complete overall
 mileage for week.>

Won't cut it for middle east rides.

> Try to vary terrain.>

On slow days

 >Try to have at least one day between each of these
 rides for horse to have recuperation time.>

 >This is HIS advice, not mine. When he has made an
 appearance again over the years, he usually wins.
 He sees no other reason to be out there on the
 trail. He's a vet, too, by the way.
 His strategy seems tame compared to the original
 above post. So how about it, his strategy  is what
 I'm currently striving for as we are doing the
 long, slow distance stuff again this year. (Doing
 slow 50's on a 6 year old). What do you all say
 for the next step? Should I stay with this formula
 for now and into the years to come (what's good
 for the goose...) or what works for some of you
 other ridecampers?>

First step, strive to build to 100% of the targeted race distance per week. 
That should be enough to make you the target of "hot shoes" comments in this 
group. Ignore them and strive to achieve 75% race distance in one of your 
work days per week. The two other days should be "pace" work and hills or 
intervals. Give yourself some time to get this accomplished--a couple of 
 Toni and O'Biwon
 Central Oregon


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