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riding parters

> The thing that I
> have found that works is tell the people you are riding with
> up front what you want to do.  Prime example, a
> non-endurance friend wants to ride with me tomorrow.  I have
> flat out told her that I will be trotting hard the entire
> time.  It is now her decision if she wants to ride with me
> or not.

I think this is a good way to go.   I have had to do this with my husband
when we ride together.  My endurance partners (Kath and her older daughter)
and I go out on trail rides and most of the time her 2 daughters and our
hubbies go.  We have a blast, usually.  We "girls" are often going off the
beaten path to do some hill work, find some terrain our horses need to
experience or lope out.   My husband's horse is older and can carry him
around for quite at while at a nice walk with an occasional trot; however,
she cannot do the conditioning that we do with our horses, nor does he care
for that kind of riding.  He prefers to enjoy the scenery at a leisurely
pace.  At first, he felt a little put off but now he understands when I say,
"We're going to the top of this hill- see ya!"  We both have different goals
but can ride together and both enjoy the day!  Today was a prime example.
Our local horseman's club has an annual ride at a private ranch in the
foothills- about 6,000 acres.  It was spectacular ride- hubby followed the
main roads and we would periodically go off to do our thing.  Oh, and just
to sneak in a quick brag, my new horse, Louie did so well!!  He's really
coming along.  Sorry this is  so long-

Dede and Salutions (aka Louie-get that monster sponge away from me!!)

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