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Re: RC: SR Saddle/ Equine Affair

In a message dated 3/30/00 4:23:48 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

>  Join our "Saddle Warehouse
>  Club".  Everyone who enters must own a quality saddle.  When they switch
>  horses and that one doesn't fit, they deposit in the warehouse and take a
>  different one.  We could just pass them around amongst us. :-)

If we could start this, I have an OF Express Lite- sent it back in December 
for Sys 3 panels, that horse was turned out, they took so long to do the 
upgrade that the horse  put on quite a bit of weight, now, saddle doesn't 
fit!! I have examined the saddle closely and they put the new panels almost 
exactly where the others were, so I can only assume they did it right. Horse 
and I both loved the saddle before. New panels, new booties, new stirrup 
leathers.  Angie, are you going to keep track of who has what saddle so that 
when aI get another horse I can have my OF back?  

Jackie Baker
AERC # 15265

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