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bone size vs bone density/also pictures

jill matyac
i am trying to convert my boyfriend to the advantages 
of arabians in long distance riding. he believes that
their legs are too thin and could easily twist and 
injure them. he is looking at some appys who are very 
big boned but also pretty big bodied. the standard i have
heard is 8" cannon circumference per 15h 1000# horse.
i realize this is nothing to set in stone. what i am w
wondering is at what point is bigger not necessarily  
better? i am under the belief that arabs have a tendancy
to have denser bones. considering the amount of pressure
that may be exuded on a 1200# horse with bigger bones
as opposed to a 900# arab with average bone size who 
do you think would be less likely to develop stress related
injuries? i am going to discount the accidental stepping
in a ground hog hole because either one could do that
and break a leg. i am a statistical person and would 
love to hear about any studies done regarding 
structual soundness. 

i also want to show him how endurance horses are not
exactly the same as show arabs. if anyone has good shots
of their, or someone elses', horse please email me privately.
i want to show him there is an arab type that he has not
seen yet. 

an added thought, would anyone consider doing an ultrasound
to check the "x-factor", discussed earlier, when considering
a horse for sale or stallion for breeding. just curious. 

jill (almost enough snow melted to ride on the road)

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