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Re: RC: questions with foals....

In a message dated 3/29/00 7:15:39 PM Pacific Standard Time, 

<<   Does it make sense that a four year old would grow 3 inches? >>

Nope!  Wishful thinking.  Also, when you go shopping for Arabs (in 
particular) bring a measuring stick.  I've found that almost all Arab owners 
think they have a 15 hand horse when in fact very few do.  I went with a 
friend a few months ago who was actually looking for a 14.2 or smaller Arab.  
She kept seeing ads for horses who were 15.2+, finally I suggested we go take 
a look.  In every case, the horses were waaaaay smaller than advertised.  I 
think the sellers honestly thought the horses were over 15 hands (most were 
around 14.1 or 2).  You can buy a measuring stick from State Line Tack for 
about $20 -- worth every penny -- just in the fun you can have measuring your 
friend's horses <eg>



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