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Re: RC: Re: Fwd: RC: Re: High Standards on the TRAIL

The Missouri Equine Council has that in their code of ethics.  When they 
first began talking about a "code"  there was talk of banning stallions, 
especially on multi-use trails. Luckily less drastic measures prevailed, 
therefore a way to mark stallions. Not that the majority of people would 
know what it means, but that's another issue! <BG>. Actually I'd kinda 
forgotten about it. As far as to what I think, I don't think a ribbon does 
much actual good. Most people seem to ignore the red ribbon on kickers. But 
if it satisfies the bureaucrats that they have protected the public I'm for 
it. Can you imagine how it would complicate putting on rides if stallions 
were banned from some trails? (Not that all of them would be missed <BG>.)
It sure wouldn't be fair to the good ones, or people wanting proven 
endurance stallions to breed to.
Nancy Mitts

>From: "Maggie Mieske" <>
>I have heard that some clubs or trail riders use a yellow ribbon on their
>stallion's tail. Have you ever heard of this being done?  Do you think it's
>a good idea?  Just curious what you thought of that.  I agree that

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