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Re: RC: RE: Re: slant loading issues

Reid, Susan wrote:

> Ridecampers,
> Has anyone had to have a trainer come and teach their horse to
> load?

Yes!  A friend of mine used to be able to haul her horse anywhere.  Then one day
the horse scrambled and she was unable to load it after that.  She spent about 3
months using John Lyons' methods, etc. to no avail.  She finally hired a lady
trainer to work with the horse.  Several of us went out to watch.  I think we
were all about to take bets that this lady would not be able to load the horse.
Well, she had it loading beautifully in 15 minutes!  The owner was so
appreciative, she gave the trainer extra money for the job well done.  My friend
told me she wished she had hired this trainer 3 mo. earlier.


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