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Re: slant loading issues

Okay, sounds like a great idea, at least the genuflecting on request.  Mare
is New Age when she's not a Methodist, so we'll use incense and skip the
holy water to which I'm allergic anyway.  Currently able to ride up the
front steps onto the porch which we will use for an altar.

For those folks who educate their equines in useful behaviors aside from
carrying riders, what are your favorite maneuvers?  Any good books/videos
you like?  I'd prefer to avoid using food rewards, but would like to hear
what you do and how even using treats.  

Sally in Floyd, VA

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 FWIW, I've also taught her to back herself into any trailer with just hand
>> signals.  Found this very useful when I had to load her into a strange
>> straight load with ramp, which she hated going into head first.  (Don't
>> one handy for practice on that issue, wish I did.)  She backed in just
>> in about 30secs!
>> Sally in Floyd, VA
>FWIW, I have taught my horses to genuflect and cross themselves with Holy
>when I walk into their corral. Then I tell 'em "O.K. guys, load up but don't
>forget to
>fill your feed bags first.".  I'm working on them to open the trailer door,
>but their kind
>of slow learners. Maybe by next week.
>John in Beatty, NV
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