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slant loading issues

Hmmm...I'm thinking if a horse resists being tied in the trailer, you'd want
to address that issue before shutting doors on him.  As Super Pat sez, the
absolute best solution is to fix it so the horse finds comfort in the
trailer with NO restraints at all.  I'd then practice a loose wrap sort of
tie so if he pulls, he gets some slack, no panic, repeats as needed until
stands quietly.  (See Marty Marten, Problem Solving.)  I'm assuming he
doesn't pull back when tied in other venues--if he does, start there first.
I have an old 2-horse Logan Coach modified stock trailer.  When hauling
Misty alone, I ask her to walk in and turn facing rearward, step back until
she can touch the front wall for support if needed, then tie her next to her
hay bag on the side.  Then I shut the big door, leaving the partition open
and fastened to the sidewall.  She has plenty of room to maneuver without
tangling the tie, and can stand straight or sideways as she pleases without
rocking back and forth over the axles, unbalancing the load.
FWIW, I've also taught her to back herself into any trailer with just hand
signals.  Found this very useful when I had to load her into a strange
straight load with ramp, which she hated going into head first.  (Don't have
one handy for practice on that issue, wish I did.)  She backed in just fine
in about 30secs!   

Sally in Floyd, VA

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