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Re: RC: Re: alfalfa diet for horses that "tie-up"

mentioned calcium--that's the reason you'd feed it for one kind of
>tying up. Or muscle cramping--might be a better description of this
>I'd be even more interested in why you think taking alfalfa away cured your
>horse of tying up.
>      When I started to add it back into her diet, she started tying up
again.  No alfalfa meant no tying up.  At least in her case.  She hasnt been
on an alfalfa diet since 1990.  She has completed 1000 miles of endurance
riding, lots of trail riding and several foalings.  She is 19 now and due to
foal May 5th.  Except for a lump on her knee from a well placed kick, she is
full of herself, fat and healthy.  A non alfalfa diet suits her well.  Dont
really know why.  All of my horses are on a no alfalfa diet and have been
for a long time.  My endurance horses get a small amount occasionally, just
to keep their systems used to the alfalfa.  They get it during a race if
they want it.  Whatever they will eat.
gesa n clovis n sky

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