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Re: safe loading in a slant load

In a message dated 3/27/00 9:04:00 PM Pacific Standard Time, 

<< Another argument in favor of NOT allowing the horse to back out  >>

Actually, I train my horses to do whichever I ask, and I don't always ask 
them to come out the same way.  One never knows in what sort of trailer the 
horse may have to ride at some point, and the horse should be versatile 
enough to accept whatever situation in which he finds himself.  The key word 
here is "train."  If the horse is properly trained, he is amenable to waiting 
for a cue from you, no matter what the circumstance, and if he begins to move 
in ANY direction without a cue, he is easy to stop with word or a gesture.  

The well-trained horse is not a problem, regardless of what you do or don't 
do in what order.  The problems come from either green horses or from horses 
with "holes" in their training, and it is for those that certain design 
features or procedures are more dangerous than others.  If you ALWAYS haul 
your own horses, and they are all well-trained to trailer, your "safe" range 
of configurations is much greater and you can alter things in all sorts of 
ways.  If you do not have the luxury of always hauling a known group of 
horses, then certain procedures and configurations become much more important.


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