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Re: safe loading in a slant load

>Tying the horse prior to closing the divider is a good way to have a wreck
>he sets back.  Send the horse in, go in and close the divider, and THEN tie 
>him.  If he starts to move back, you are only two horse-widths away from
>HUGE door!

I'm about to pick up a new two-horse slant load and so am watching this
discussion with interest.  What Heidi says above re closing the divider and
then tying up the horse makes a lot of sense to me.  But what about with
the rear horse?  Assume I am loading two horses by myself.....  There is no
divider to keep him in place.  Is there any alternative to tying him,
stepping out of the trailer, going over to get that "huge" door, and then
closing it?  Seems like that gives the rear horse a long time to think
about "setting back" before I get him closed in.


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