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alfalfa diet for horses that "tie-up"

I was just reading the March issue of Equus.  In the Q&A section in the
back there was a question about preventative treatment for a horse that had
several episodes of tying up.  Most of the advice given in response to the
question was familiar (electrolytes, selenium, vitamin E).  The response
also discussed the possibility of a diet change to one that was low in
soluble carbohydrates and high in fat, and suggested specifically trying a
diet that included mostly alfalfa, with added oil.  I had been under the
impression that alfalfa was not a good idea for a horse that has tied up,
and was restricting Natty mostly to grass hay.  Did I miss the boat on

Suzanne and Natty (yum, yum....bring on the alfalfa.....) 


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