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RE: Vitamin E over kill

> I really think you guys are overreacting a bit. Vitamin E is
> expensive! 500
> to 1000 iu (read the labels) per day won't hurt but why waste money?
> I only feed it when Fling is stressed or in really heavy training (and
> forget to do it then half the time!). If you are having a problem with
> tying up or can only get old hay and no pasture, fine, supplement. But
> really, not every horse on hay is deficient (carrots are a good source
> too.....)


What you've said agrees with what Susan G. told me last year.  I wrote to
her, listing the ingredients on the sweetfeed label, the supplements, and
the pasture/hay my gelding gets.  Her only suggestion was that, when I'm
able able to get my gelding into really heavy work I might want to add VitE.


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