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Lyme aftermath

After reading your posts about your horses and Lymes, let me
 tell you my experience.  I developed Lymes disease in 1987.  As
 an end result, I now suffer from Fibromyalgia Syndrom.  It took
 over a year of almost immediate agressive treatment to quit
 having symptoms.  Even now I suffer from intermitten fatigue
 and my muscles ache EVERY day.  I am about to ride my first 50 
miler.  I spent 3 years getting my muscles able to do so.  Your
 horses need extra time if they feel like I do and did.  Stall
 rest is terrible.  I walked every day, increasing the distance
 by how I felt.  Try it.  Your horse should recover, maybe not
 back to 100 milers, but to fifties and twenty fives.  From my 
experience I think it takes almost a full year to feel
 reasonable again.

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