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Re: RC: re cribbing - what about chewing?

In a message dated 3/25/00 8:06:43 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< We've got some of those horse created "cougar claw" marks on our BMW.  We 
 have to warn everyone who comes here not to park their vehicle out with the 
 horses.  Don't know why they do that - and why they only choose nice cars 
 not old beat up trucks. >>

LOL!  My  Paint gelding ate my farrier's truck one time (weather stripping 
and all).  Copy (the horse) ground ties, so my farrier would just stand him 
near the truck to work on him.  Welllllll, he apparently didn't notice the 
munching until the weather stripping had been entirely removed from the 
driver side window.  I expected to get a bill for that one, but the farrier 
was a good sport and let it slide.  He never put Copy (or probably any horse) 
that close to his truck again.

Sylvia & Copy (My teeth made more of a beaver type design rather than the 
cougar claw thing).

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