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Vit E

Just got back the Spring blood workup on my horses and was 
surprised to find all of them deficient in Vit E. (.3 to .5 when norm 
is 1 to 4).  Most were tested at some point mid-season last year 
and were fine.  All are on a VitE/Se suppliment (and the selinium 
levels are fine).  All we can figure is that it must be the hay (looks 
good, green, some alfalfa mixed in) which brings me to my 
question.  What would cause the hay to be so low in Vit E?.  Too 
long drying in the field?  Poor growing conditions?  Too much heat 
when stored?  
This is a very good reason why horses should be tested regularly.  
This is the first time I have ever exposed a problem but it was 
certainly worth it.  Now I just have to get the picky ones to eat 
those pills quicker......the goat is being too helpful!
John and Sue Greenall

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